Do you want to become a programmer ....

Have you ever dreamed of programming your business and your future ...
Delta Soft For Software offers you the opportunity and one time only ...
Join the P.O.S programming department or the ERP systems development department ... to qualify as a programmer or developer of systems and software ...

Applicants will be entitled to qualify as software developers or developers to qualify as software programmers or software developers to manage companies, institutions and factories. Following the completion of the qualification period, the graduates will be given the opportunity to work as a software developer for companies in accordance with the company's regulations.


1- The apprentice must be a graduate and have a suitable qualification (We do not mind To Accept students applying, but on other conditions)
2- The applicant must have a modern computer .
3- Approving the company's regulation .
4- No experience and No required in programming or accounting .
5- Commitment to attendance and not absence during training .



1- Submit your resume as an advanceer in addition to your complete data
2- You can send your CV and evidence to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
3- Contact telephone to Development Department of the company for an appointment to interview .
4- In case of acceptance after the interview at the headquarters of the company It will be necessary for you to obtain the application file from the company's headquarters (After paying a nominal fee to withdraw the file)


1- Join The ERP Development Department Of The Company To Join The Qualification And Training As A ERP Developer
     ... Where The Training Is Done For The Apprentice As  A Programmer Under Training From The Beginning .
2- The Duration Of The Training Is 140 Hours ... Divided As Follows:

40  Hours Of Practical Training In The Preparation, Analysis And Design Of Database Projects Using The Programmatic Database .

50  Hours Of Practical Training On Application Design, Software Interfaces And Programming Using The VB.NET Programming Language .

20  Hours Of Practical Training In Network Programming And Server Systems Management And Client Programmatically .

30  Hours Of Design And Programming For The Preparation, Design And Programming Of An Integrated Accounting Project  (ERP Applications)

3- The Training Begins In Practice For Two Days A Week And At A Rate Of 6 Hours
     ... The Training Is Conducted Under The Supervision Of Software Developers At DeltaSoft
4-Training Is Done On Database Design, Application Design, Database Operations, File Processing , Reporting, Etc.
5- The Training Program Is Divided Into Four Different Training Levels, The Length Of Time
6- The Trainee Is Enrolled In a Training Group Of Only 2 … and Supervised By Senior Software Developers
7- Training For 3 Days A Week .. The Trainee Has The Right To Choose The Appropriate Dates For Him From Different Dates Offered To Him
8- The Trainee Performs All His Training In Advanced Development And Software Labs Using Modern And Advanced Systems And Equipment.
9- After The End Of Each Training Period ... The Trainee Will Conduct A Test For This Period And What He Has Been Trained During ....                        The Test Is A Test On The Internet And Through International Servers ... The Tests Are Booked From The Beginning Of The Apprentice Trainee's      Training ... Throughout The Training Period The Trainee Performs 4 Tests .
10- After The Completion Of The Training And The Complete Tests, The General Rating Of The Trainee Is Calculated As - GPA - The Evaluation Is          Evaluated If It Exceeds 80% Or Not .










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